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Sayuri (“small lily” in Japanese) is a leading and well established Japanese Language School based in Bangalore, India.

We deliver a variety of services that cater for general students, corporates, job seekers and other professionals seeking to undertake their chosen verticals in regards to Japanese culture and language.

With a focus on different verticals in regards to Japanese, Sayuri can offer complete Language training pathways for students of any age, cultural understanding and learning sessions for businesses, language translations, interpretation and workforce recruitment into Japan or Japanese companies.

From our own experiences living, working and conducting business in Japan for over 10 years it has allowed us to put together a variety of programmes and solutions that provide delivery of clear concise learning solutions for our students and corporate clients.

Sayuri provides a greater understanding of the Japanese Culture, ethics and business practices and skills necessary to conduct business and communicate effectively. Our courses are not only language based but offer an overview and insight into the cultural lives of the Japanese people and their way of life, which is invaluable to correctly communicate, especially in a Japanese business environment.

By using local and Japanese teacher resources it positions us to not only provide language training but real life stories, scenarios, role-play situations for students to gain a thorough understanding of the Japanese culture. This approach to teaching places Sayuri as a  unique and leading provider of Japanese Language and Services.

Sayuri is focused on delivering quality services to our clients and already has a highly regarded clientele list from both India and abroad that regularly uptake our offered verticals and services.

You can contact us further about any of our services mentioned or if you have any other requirements that may need filling we will be more than happy to try and cater for those needs.

Contact us for further information on our services and offerings.


Konnichiwa, I am Hemalatha Sriramulu , Founder of Sayuri Japanese Language School.

Sayuri was formed to share my love for Japan, and was seeded just the way i experienced the wonderful culture,people and language.


I am a Software Engineer from Bangalore.  when an opportunity came to travel, work and live in Japan , i couldn’t be more happier as my childhood fascination to visit Japan became a reality. I can say it was not all easy to adapt to the cultural and linguistic differences. This opportunity opened doors for me to learn Japanese language and culture. My experience of working among Japanese and living in Japan for over a decade is one of the rewarding times of my life’s Journey.

This has motivated me to help young people to learn the language , culture and the ethics while still in India , so as to fulfill their dreams to live in Japan.


When i returned to India , i started Sayuri . Sayuri is not just a training institute , but a proud family of passionate japanese speaking members. Sayuri has given me  a sense of pride when the students i taught are flourishing in japan and in India utilising the linguistic knowledge along with their academic skills.

I hope that Sayuri and my life journey helps to better provide a place of not only learning but a place of storytelling, life skills, wisdom, laughter and an environment that encompasses everything about being human and learning from one another.

Learning Japanese will open new doors, create new friends, have its challenges and experiences but you will carry and learn from them for the rest of your life.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu


Our Sensei’s

We are a group of India and Native Japanese Teachers, who are guiding our students irrespective of the Courses taken for their Communication ability in Japanese Language.

Indian Sensei

  • Ms. Divya
  • Ms. Disha
  • Ms. Mithili
  • Mr. Nikhil

Japanese Native Sensei

  • Ms. Chihiro Kusakabe
  • Ms. Fujitani Yukari
  • Ms. Tanaka
  • Ms. Wakamatsu
  • Ms. Matsumori