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Bangalore, India

Sayuri (“small lily” in Japanese) is a leading and well established Japanese Cultural Learning and Language School.

Our own experiences living, working, and conducting business in Japan for over 10 years and a team of both Indian and Native Japanese sensei s, has allowed us to put together a variety of programs and solutions that provide delivery of clear concise learning solutions for our students.

Sayuri provides a greater understanding of Japanese Culture, ethics, business practices, and skills necessary to conduct business and communicate effectively. Our courses are not only language based but offer an overview and insight into the cultural lives of the Japanese people and their way of life, which is invaluable to correctly communicating, especially in a Japanese business environment.

Our team of sensei s and their experience positions us to not only provide language training but also tell real-life stories, scenarios, and role-play situations for students to thoroughly understand Japanese culture. This approach to teaching places Sayuri as a  unique and leading provider of Japanese Language and Services.

You can contact us further about any of our services mentioned or if you have any other requirements that may need filling we will be more than happy to try and cater to those needs.


Sayuri offers a range of different courses and cultural learning pathways for our students to undertake and achieve JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) and NAT ( Nihongo Achievement Test ) Certification.




Providing Japanese language Courses for accreditation in JLPT N5 N4 N3 N2 N1 (NAT equivalents) for students, corporates and others. Quality high level teaching and course structure from professional and experienced teachers. Courses that cover language and cultural ethics to better communicate effectively in Japanese business and social situations.



Translation of legal and business documentation is a pre-requisite for a successful business co-operation with Japan. The team at Sayuri offer translation services for legal and business documentation while maintaining international standards of confidentiality.



The growing business collaboration between Japanese and Indian business houses across all major sectors cannot be ignored. This raises the need to have effective translators with domain experience being available. Sayuri’s team of translators can be requisitioned to assist business houses of India and Japan, to better understand each other and therefore effectively communicate, whilst maintaining complete non-disclosure for our clients.



Sayuri Workforce Solutions offers job placement for skilled workers, freshers and graduated students to work in Japan and/or with Japanese based companies. Our study programme and job placement pathway offers opportunity and careers to work in some of the worlds biggest companies. We can review, discuss and work with you to obtain your chosen career path and help you achieve your goals.

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Joining a Sayuri Course is Life Changing

Life, business, and educational opportunities can be made and created with our help.

When you join you not only become one of the many eager students that have passed through our doors but you become family. Automatically you become part of the Sayuri family but the doors open for you to engage with the wonderful people and culture of Japan, who like Indians are very accommodating and hospitable.

Sayuri opens up its doors to create a culture, atmosphere, and learning environment that is comfortable, friendly, serious, and even sometimes funny, but this provides us with a great environment to nurture our students and ensure they can learn in a pleasant space and proceed at their own pace and achieve the best possible outcomes.

We encourage you to browse through our services and courses page to find suitable criteria that tick your boxes. If something isn’t listed or you require further information you can contact us to discuss. You can view our calendar for scheduled courses and book your spot. Placements are confirmed once full payment has been received, non-refundable.

If a suitable course or date isn’t available please let us know as we may be able to put a suitable course together or slot you in based on numbers and your situation. Check regularly to see new courses starting and any new one-off special courses we may run.


Teachers and students may register their interest in any of our courses or available teaching positions. By registering you are simply showing your interest in participating and having one of our staff contact you further.

Alternatively, you may JOIN NOW and register immediately for your chosen course.

Students are encouraged to read through our courses page to get an overview of the different levels and pathways they can take to reach the highest level of Japanese competency.

Sayuri is always looking for well-spoken teachers to assist and better improve our services. If you have JLPT N3 – N1 Japanese Certification and are interested in the rewards that come with teaching then please contact us further to arrange an interview for any available teaching positions.

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